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10 ways to approach your first year MBBS

Authored by : Kunal Shah

Make the best use of your college life, you can be as rich as you like, but you’ll never be able to earn the real wealth (memories) created here. There are millions of ways to approach first year MBBS but here are a few from my experience

I gained confidence by having this mindset in my first year of college :
(The last one will always be my favorite)


For all possible positions in various organizations. Even if there is a chance that you would be rejected but at least by applying for the role you will have an idea about how to give the interview.


Life is always beyond books and in Med School in MBBS especially, your communication and soft skills matter as much as academics.


Don’t let other people’s opinions affect you – This is the time when you will learn so much about yourself and it shouldn’t be restricted just because of someone’s opinion. The day you stop caring about the world, your success journey begins, you are living for yourself, not to please others!! It’s their limitation that they can’t be like you.


Don’t fear doing something because you think people will talk about it in your initial stage, what if you fail etc. their opinion won’t matter in a few years and you’ll be wasting the golden chance because of the fear of judgement. It takes guts to try.

5. TRY :

You are new to the system, so don’t be ashamed if you fail; every master has failed once. In my first year, my first attempt to attend a national conference was turned down.


Be shameless in promoting yourself and promoting your work, because nobody else is going to do it for you.


You’ve been given an opportunity to grow in these 5.5 years of the course of MBBS, make the best out of it, only sitting with books is fine, but I bet you won’t be winning at life if you don’t explore.

8. GUIDE :

If you have achieved something, always help others who wish to grow, whether it’s your batchmate, or junior or even your senior, you only grow in collaboration with others, and making them grow will make you feel good about yourself, and spread love, not toxic competition, our field (MBBS) has enough already !!


You have worked so hard to be here, not just to sit with books and carry on the academic legacy you have made for yourself, but to explore how you can grow as an individual and help others grow too.


Finally, it was all worth it to be here, despite the late nights, early mornings, and festivals away from family. Rest if necessary, but continue working! Dust if you have to in your MBBS journey, but enjoy every moment of your journey. Have the best life you’ve ever had, make friends, hang out, and have fun! Indeed its worth in the end when you make people smile.

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