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11 ways to study effectively in medical school


Make your daily routine and Study Effectively:

  1. First of all make a routine for study as per your convenience.
  2. Read the topic to be taught in the class. Read the topic taught in class same day at room/home and make notes of it as per the questions asked in university examination.
  3. Whatever you read before and after the class discuss with your friends during the college hours whenever you get spare time. This will help in developing a concept.
  4. Revise the topics taught in last 15 days.
  5. Every day after college hours keep one hour refreshing yourself by whatever way you can without disturbing others.
  6. On Sunday keep 4–5 hours to revise whatever notes you made in last week.
  7. In case of any doubt take help of internet, library books, friends and teachers to clear it. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to teachers during class if you don’t understand anything.
  8. Make proper notes of classes and listen carefully to the teachers as so many things taught in class you can’t find in books and that may be asked during theory and practical examination.
  9. Don’t hesitate to explain anything to your class mates if you have understood it as it will help in your revision and clear your concept too.
  10. Don’t study only during exam time. That rush hour study will not help you to understand the basic concept of subject.
  11. Avoid missing the classes as it will not only loss you an attendance, but will also decrease your confidence and you will lag in class.

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