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Delhi- AIIMS to introduce startup policy for medical students

Delhi, India: The AlIMS administration has decided to implement a startup policy in order to encourage medical students to become entrepreneurs. Officials say that, in order to make intersectional learning more accessible to students, collaborations are being planned with institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology, the Indian Institute of Management, and the Indian School… Read More »Delhi- AIIMS to introduce startup policy for medical students

What Is The Best Way to Study Human Anatomy in First Year MBBS

The MBBS portion covers human anatomy in detail. It covers the human body structures both at the macro and micro levels. This is the foundation for your medical degree and covers in-vivid details of how a disease-free body looks like and the normal functions of each structure. Understanding anatomical structures will help you strengthen your understanding of different diseases and their root cause. The impact of different conditions on these organs will be easily understood if your anatomy concepts are clear.