Inflame Medical Magazine is a clan of undergraduate students from all across the country having pluralistic thoughts, different dialects and diverse ideologies- all brought together with the common thread of medicine, and our solid passion for this ever-expanding field!

Before you set your minds contemplating, let us assure you that you are about to venture into a world of brainstorming experiences where the possibilities are limitless.

We, at Inflame, are a pan -India family of medicos coming from different
cultures and regions but, what we all have in common is a passion to constantly develop content in the world of medical diaspora.

Be it research, academics, or the humanities we have it all covered; Inflame is thus, a national center for all medical/dental undergraduates and even postgraduates when it comes to buzzing latest medical news, crisp medical content or out of the box ideas and innovative events rounding up all year long.

So, look no further as you have reached the most vibrant medical magazine of India brought to you by the medicos, for the medicos and of the medicos!


Inflame Magazine aims to enhance the dissemination of information relating to the medical sector among all medical personnel while maintaining the highest degree of accuracy and conforming to the highest standards possible.

Our actions are anchored in the core values of courage, leadership, and duty; striving to create new values, pursue user-friendliness, and accomplish high-tech mindset, driven by challenging spirits.

Our goal is to understand and expose any inequities that affect the medical fraternity and bring them to the spotlight through the power vested in us as the Fourth Estate of our Society.

We aim to have a holistic and all-inclusive coverage of events that can affect our brethren’s working and sound the clarion call for changes to the outdated practices that exist and thereby affect us adversely. Develop creative, critical and compassionate readers through innovative and exemplary content.

Draw upon collaborative research strengths to create meaningful contributions that engage with and empower, individually and communities, nationally.

We hope to honor, motivate and inspire innovative thoughts, thereby reminding students that though we are limited to our homes and smartphones, there is no barrier to our imagination. We are a resilient batch of individuals willing to take on every challenge in our path to excellence!


Our vision is to create a distinctive platform synonymous with quality, integrity, and truth, thereby creating a fundamentally strong tower that can weather all adversities and guide its readers.

Through synergistic active participation & sharing of exemplary ideas on medical research possibilities, we look forward to building up a clan of ‘like minded’, jubilant medical environment. Thus, nurturing our readers towards an inclusive and sustainable community of medical students encourages them to develop their personal and professional confidence and capabilities.

We guide commitments to great value, the medical student community, diversity in a ubiquitous environment; and aspire to become India’s leading medical magazine driven by our commitment to our ideas and philosophies.

Inflame medical magazine will continue to be the national lead for multidisciplinary information, and standards in research, nutrition and lifestyle, reproductive and mental health to ensure accessible, ethical and quality medical content.