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Taking proper care of diet : tips & tricks

Having already said that good health is a means to professional success ,its very important to
maintain good health . In order to maintain that diet is very important , people aho
have done MBBS before joining residency have thorough knowledge of nutrition from
PSM classes cannot give excuse of poor health or any diseases due to lack of proper

So following are tips for ensuring balanced & healthy diet amidst hectic duties

• Having breakfast is miraculous task for every resident especially for those who woke
up 10 minutes before duties ,so it is suggested to wake up slightly earlier atlest 25
minutes before your duty timings

• If you are getting hostel in doctor hostel prefer to have it instead of flat/PG outside
hospital campus especially in first yr of post graduation , this will help you in having
good breakfast in less time in initial part of residency thus will protect you from many
diseases which is common due to improper breakfast or skipping breakfast like
tuberculosis etc

• If your hospitals doctors canteen doesn’t serve good food , juice , do form a pressure
group to ensure that taking the help of RDA

• There are many diet , nutrition blogs for people having busy schedule like doctors on
quora ,apps are also there , you can take help of that

• Few tips from my side always keep some readymade things to eat based on your
likings like biscuit , chocolate , juice tetrapack , fast food , ready to eat packet ( Gitts
etc). sprouts,corn etc , you can follow my facebook /youtube channel for making
some readymade food for breakfast

• One day in advance or before leaving room for duty make sure there is 1 packet of
readymade food in your bag n don’t exhaust it until no options available ( canteen)

• Swiggy/Zomato/uber eats not good idea for breakfast as even after ordering in ward
its not possible to take bite due to excess workload in morning in wards

• Have friendly relation with nursing staff /interns of your department , many times they
will feed you with good breakfast , even you can request them for breakfast if you are
getting late not able to do breakfast

• Have good relation with guards of your ward , you can request them for bringing
breakfast from doctors canteen , do pay something extra to them

• Your dayscholar copgs, junior , seniors , married colleagues are very helpful in this ,
they bring breakfast daily do share

• From your insomnia classes you must be awarded of terms like sleep hygiene , sleep

• In order to have good health its must to have 5 hrs daily sleep which is highly impossible if you are doing emergency duty you have to learn to steal time to sleep & follow some tips to improve sleep efficiency.

Hope this helps.


Dr Krishan Rajbhar
Resident surgeon, ENT
Co- Convenor, IMA ( JDN – Delhi)

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