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Delhi- AIIMS to introduce startup policy for medical students

Delhi, India: The AlIMS administration has decided to implement a startup policy in order to encourage medical students to become entrepreneurs.

Officials say that, in order to make intersectional learning more accessible to students, collaborations are being planned with institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology, the Indian Institute of Management, and the Indian School of Business (ISB) as well as businesses like McKinsey, the Boston Consulting Group, and Bain to give students exposure to management. The director of AIIMS is likely to meet with institute representatives at a Sunday meeting.

On February 25, ISB regional manager (north) Ketan Tewari will hold an information session at AIIMS. “He will talk about the management industry, its scope and opportunities along with the programmes that ISB has to offer,” officials said. A senior faculty member said the initiative would help medical students learn about topics other than patient care, research, and regular medical education.

“In addition to treatment, students should be familiar with fundamental concepts in management and finance. “AIIMS planned this keeping in mind the changing times and advancements in medicine and career, said another faculty member. This will help them in their career growth,” said the faculty member. “If they plan to open nursing homes in the future, they would not have to struggle with general issues needed to start the venture.”

In the meantime, AllMS intends to hold an open house for representatives of ICMR: The Indian Council of Medical Research, the department of science and technology, the department of biotechnology, and its faculty with the intention of enhancing synergy with other organizations.

The open house will be held every second Saturday beginning next month.

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