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Inflame Healthcare Awards: IHA

Inflame Magazine is India’s first ever magazine that was led as a student magazine in the medical sector. We are empowered ever since 2020 and continue to embrace each member of the medical community who is at his best. We are a magazine which has place for everyone to tell their stories to the world. We are a completely FREE and approachable platform. We aspire to influence others and motivate others to learn from the journey of medical students and doctors to do better and uplift in life.

For the first time ever in the medical industry we are aiming to do an award ceremony where there will be voting for 5 award nominations selected by jury and everyone’s voice will matter.

We are delighted to invite everyone to fill the form for nomination and give a chance to be one of the faces of the leading member in medical community.

If you get the most votes and be the winner for our award, your stay, food and nomination will be sponsored by us. There are no extra charges you have to pay.

This is your chance to grab the opportunity and be the most sensational icon and win big.

We hope to see your nomination soon