Considering the health crisis present in our country & mismanagement of the second wave of COVID-19, Indian medical association- IMA have requested Government of India for nationwide lockdown owing to over 4 lakh cases per day & for 1 hospital admission, bed is locked for 10-12 days at least, leading to extreme scarcity of beds as new beds are not being created adequately, so its need of the hour to break this chain of virus spread by making strict nationwide lock down, it should be done in view the past that public is not as much as compliant in adopting COVID-19 appropriate behavior (sanitizer, mask & social distancing) as they were doing last year.

Further, IMA stressed upon the matter that proper rehabilitation should be looked at of migrant labor’s / daily wageworkers who bear the maximum brunt of lockdown previous year. It must be done keeping in mind the principles of right to life enshrined in Constitution of India article 21& article 39a, 19(1) which gives people right to have adequate means of livelihood. Considering vaccine shortage at most of the places, we request Govt for equitable accessible & affordable vaccination.

IMA also put stress upon to meet the vaccine shortage, it is pertinent for emergency import of vaccine doses as serum Institute chief remarked that it will take 2-3 months to reach the capacity production of 100 million dose per month, even that would be not sufficient for country’s large population of 1.4 billion. Oxygen & essential drugs Remdisivir, taclizumab, steroids scarcity is there because of improper distribution channel, government is unable to regulate the hoarding, black marketing & price capping.

One important fact to keep in mind coronavirus is RNA virus which mutate frequently, so there is need of proper sequencing & strengthen our virology labs. It is further stressed from we people at the largest body of modern medicine doctors that there should be transparency in reporting should be done. In many big hospitals many COVID-19 deaths are being reported as non COVID-19.

In phase 1 COVID-19 our country has lost 756 doctors & in phase 2 we have lost more than 146 doctors to this virus. There has been increased violence on duty doctors, there should be proper legislation & execution to control this violence on duty doctors & damage to hospital property.

It should also be taken into consideration on how much is the country actually prepared for managing mini pandemic arising of mucormycosis, third wave which is likely to affect mainly pediatric population , how equipped the country is as far as PICU, NICU & man power is considered to treat children affected. So it’s need of the hour to bring the Indian medical services so that this mismanagement of any pandemic doesn’t happen again!

Dr. Krishan Rajbhar
Indian Medical Association (Junior Doctors Network — Delhi)


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