There are many fears about the side effects of the corona vaccine and people are afraid of getting vaccinated.

New Delhi: The second wave of coronavirus pandemic is on the rise in India and vaccination is in full swing. But there are still many misgivings about the side effects of the vaccine and people are afraid of getting vaccinated. The Ministry of Health has issued some recent guidelines on what should be done before and after vaccination. 

Step-1: Allergy to vaccines if anything has happened before

According to the Ministry of Health, a person who has been vaccinated with Covid-19 should be asked if he or she has any kind of allergies or side effects of the vaccine. If this happens the person should be referred to an allergist. Should proceed on the advice of an expert. 

Step 2: Assess the health status

According to the Ministry, the health conditions created by the vaccine manufacturer for precaution should be assessed. These include pregnancy, compromised immune system and any serious illness in the elderly. Vaccination is appropriate for people with this condition, but they should be given the necessary information and advice. 

Step-3: Information about side effects should be given

Some side effects are seen after vaccination, which means that the vaccine is working. These side effects include hand pain, mild fever, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain.

Step 4: The vaccine can then be given

According to the Ministry of Health, the vaccine can be given after assessing the health condition and giving information about the side effects. 

Step-5: Do 15 minutes

after vaccination According to the Ministry of Inspection , the vaccinated person should be monitored for 15 minutes after vaccination. A person who has been allergic to the vaccine before should be monitored for 30 minutes after inoculation. Apart from this the person should be informed where to report further reactions. 

Step 6: Call a medical supervisor immediately

after a reaction If a person has an unexpected or severe reaction or allergy after vaccination, call a medical supervisor immediately. 


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