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Ophthalmology – Review Book

Theime’s book on ophthalmology is one of the finest review books in the market today!

Starting from the font to the inner design of the book , to the diagrammatic illustration and simple language, the book is undoubtedly very effective for last minute brush ups and preps for subjective & objective exams.

Tables with neurology and embryology are pitch perfect for quick understanding.
Also several typically asked essay questions can be quickly answered as direct paragraphs from the book without further striking off unwanted points.

Write ups on surgical procedures and diagnostics are detail and is of utmost practical use.
This cost-effective book as all the qualities an undergraduate student looks forward to in the exam point of you. Since the summary of each chapter is given towards the end, it made it even easier for quick revisions too.

Tips for improvement :

*Including more flow charts would give a fine exam writing skill perspective to the book.
*A little more detailed anatomical basis would help in further understanding.
*Providing more MCQ based content can also help the readers in a competitive exam point of view too.

Pavan John Zachariah, PIMS
STATE EDITOR- Inflame Medical Magazine
United Nations ADCB Ambition Award LauretteĀ 

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