Avarice is one quality that seems to be inherent in such bigots as we all might have realized that India is fettered by the iron clasps of the 2nd wave. Different parts of the country are affected by other variants. For example, Maharashtra initially contributed to 63% of incidence in the initial periods. Curbing it to 42% and finally now to 25% of incident or new cases of the double mutant variant.

The double mutant variant, namely the B.1.617, plummeting the population of Maharashtra at an unprecedented rate (about 61% of total samples obtained as of 16/4/2021), consists of two mutations in the spike proteins – E484Q and L452R. As far as the southern part is concerned, a relatively lesser virulent strain with N440K mutation has been sequenced especially in Andhra Pradesh. Other variants like UK variant (B.1.117) mainly found in Punjab, Delhi and Maharashtra, the South African variant (B.1.351) prevailing in Tamil Nadu and ravaging over parts of Bangladesh. Brazilian variant (P.1) and California variant (P.2) haven’t been seen so far in significant numbers in India.

The most expected relaxation period after a sustained period of fear, anxiety, psychological trauma due to the first wave of COVID-19 served as a womb and also the cradle for the burgeoning 2nd wave. Vaccines released by the Serum Institute of India (SII) and the Oxford namely Covishield and that of Bharat Biotech in coalition with the ICMR producing the Covaxin shed light in the minds of people who were lurking around cluelessly in the murky darkness of the pandemic.

Looking at India’s swift and appropriate response to the pandemic and comparably well-strategized application of containment methods to defeat the virus, some nations didn’t feel good. They sensed a threat to their growth to become the wealthiest and most powerful in the world. The slightest threat fuelled these nations to try all kinds of notorious activities. Specific countries (deliberately avoiding the name) waged ‘Cyber Wars’ over the electric grids in India and tried to peep shamelessly into vaccine research information. Stung by envy and realization of their inability, these countries try all known acts of thuggery.

The fire at the new plant of SII, which is said to be a central player in global supplies of vaccines (under the name of ‘Vaccine Maitri’), is an exemplary illustration of their vulnerability. Not failing to mention, the border threats to destabilize the country’s security at a time of a severe pandemic is also a disgusting method of coercion.

Internal implosions are also an important cause. Producing counterfeit vaccines that have little or no efficacy, selling efficacious vaccines to other countries, especially who pummel the Indian vaccines illegitimately for extortionary prices, deliberate vaccine wastage is only a few apparent reasons for the vaccine shortage that our country is currently dealing with. Greed and hunger for power have blinded their eyes.

India is constantly under passive surveillance, especially it’s medical, aviation and banking industry. This is being done by many criminal syndicates, which also includes pro-communist countries (Americans know very well about it. Exporting vaccines was indeed a reach-out-call in disguise to all the nations, to muster their support against, which could be in the offing, an inevitable world war.

Therefore at this time of crisis, instead of flinging abusive epithets at the government and harping about its apparent callousness, support it to utilize the fullest of your advantages.

After a consultation with a nearest physician or family doctor, please get vaccinated and follow COVID – appropriate behavior.

Author Name:

Aakash Kumar
Associate State Editor
Inflame Medical Magazine, Pondicherry


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