Book Name: Principles of Medical Physiology
Author Name: Sircar
Publication: Thieme

Target audience: If you are a kind of students who like scientific diagrams and learns from them, then its your book. But mind it, it will be a bit boring if you don’t like continuous reading without points in the chapters.


  • Easy to understand as written in simple language.
  • Concepts are illustrated through nicely drawn scientific diagrams, hence makes the subject easy and fun to learn.
  • Mnemonics are also there, which are easy to remember as they are also diagram based.
  • Diagrams are not only in boring 2D format, some are in 3D format too which makes them easy and interesting to watch and learn at the same time.
  • All the topics are covered in a concise manner. Important points are covered. Makes great combination with review books like Ganong’s Physiology Review book.
  • At the end of each chapter revision questions are given such that you can solve them and it helps you to revise the chapter fast during exams.


  • Flowcharts are not used in summary of the content of the chapters.
  • Differences are not given in the table format at the end of the chapters.
  • The individual topics in the chapter is not given in point format, as I think that it makes the learning easy and makes them easy to remember.

Overall if I rate this book for preparation it can be a 8/10. I enjoy reading the book as it covers most important topics that I need for the exams.

The strong point about the book is its illustrations as they make the topic super simple to understand.

Review By: Subhabrata Ghosh
Section Editor, Inflame


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