I enjoy reading medical textbooks from diverse sources, and am an editor for online blogs as well as student
medical magazines. I hope I can bring something valuable information through this blog. Recently I came across reading a book called- Synopsis of Surgery and thought of reviewing it so it could help others.

Title : Synopsis of Surgery
Author : Dr. Yogi Ram Bolisetty
Publication: Thieme


1. Book is perfect for quick revision before exams – saves a lot of time as the entire subject has been condensed into a single volume.
2. Online support and e-editions are provided. The book is especially relevant to Indian MBBS examinations without elaborate details that are not required.
3. Very cost effective.
4. Has 49 chapters as individual units – students do not need to search for a topic under a larger unit.
5. Chapters on diagnostic procedures and surgical instruments included – can be used to address questions during practical exams and viva-voce sessions.
6. Anesthesia and minimal access surgery explained in an exam oriented manner.
7. Has all details in a lucid manner in one place – for example, positions of all lymph nodes in the neck under neck swellings.
8. Diagrams with labelling are present at regular intervals – easily reproducible for examination papers.
9. Tables with details on embryology and neurovascular structures are included.
10. Several typically asked essay questions can be quickly answered as direct paragraphs from the book, especially for specific pathologies.
11. Etiology, clinical features, differential diagnoses and treatment is explained under each pathologic condition.
12. Summary of the entire chapter is provided in the end

Improvement that I think can be made on is in terms of: 

1. Diagrams are too small and in black and white to observe labelling correctly.
2. Last edition was published in 2017-18 ; an updated version with the latest edition of Bailey and Love would be very useful to students.
3. Mentioning how treatments and interventions are carried out in a little more detail would be appreciated, since the focus on anatomy is too extensive for a surgery manual.
4. Specific anatomical location and relative positioning of incisions need to be mentioned.
5. Complications need to be explained further. 

Bhagyasree Venkat
State Editor, Inflame Medical Magazine
Amrita Institute Of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Kochi


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