What Is The Best Way to Study Human Anatomy in First Year MBBS

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The MBBS portion covers human anatomy in detail. It covers the human body structures both at the macro and micro levels. This is the foundation for your medical degree and covers in-vivid details of how a disease-free body looks like and the normal functions of each structure. Understanding anatomical structures will help you strengthen your understanding of different diseases and their root cause. The impact of different conditions on these organs will be easily understood if your anatomy concepts are clear. 

NMC Guidelines to Restart Medical Colleges After a Break: All you need to know

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NMC guidelines explained and summarised. By now all the UG students might have started off their MBBS journey after a “short” break, but still the route in front is not clear for everyone. Taking a peek into the NMC (National Medical Commission) guidelines regarding the reopening of the medical colleges complying to which the colleges


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Just imagine a situation of a brave soldier having to sacrifice his weapons on the battle field, against his wishes and dreams, and more so, as they were weapons that could easily conquer the enemy. Today I can imagine and understand the feeling. At the age of 68 , I have the knowledge that I

34 Medical Students tested positive for COVID 19: Gujarat

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The disheartening statement about the government not having data on the number of healthcare staff who have lost their lives fiercely fighting in this battlefront against COVID came as a big shock for the entire medical fraternity. It does make us question ourselves that, Does the government and society value our sacrifices, or is it

Why is good parenting needed: 5 solutions

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OVERVIEW: Believe it or not, but good parenting has a significant role in building up a good personality in children as children have the most vulnerable brain to be affected by things which they observe and listen. Here is one scientific theory of how it happens. CONNECTOME THEORY What is connectome? The connectome is the integration and connectivity of

Reopening Of Medical Colleges- Big News

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Re-opening of Medical College – As per MoHFW From quite a long time, educational institutions remained close, due to prevailing pandemic situation. However, it is now time that assuming classes becomes very necessary as the losses are concerned. Accordingly, to open the Medical Colleges once again, a notification is issued recently by the MoHFW. However,

The state of Karnataka: Rising mental health issues in COVID-19

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With the coming of 2020, the outburst of coronavirus has proved to give utter shock and great disbelief to the present generation, Karnataka is a clear example. Lots of aims and aspirations of the youths are crushed under this deadly disease, thus resulting in mental and health issues. Not only the youths, but the impact

Lifestyle Modifications in Diabetes

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Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease. In which your blood glucose is higher than the normal range. There are three main types of diabetes, namely Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes. More glucose in the blood leads to polyuria (increased urination), polydipsia (increased thirst). Defect in diabetes lies at the cellular level, where glucose

Is loneliness normal?

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In the history of human civilization, we live in times where we are most connected with each other, yet we all have faced this loneliness, that is, sad feeling of being socially isolated Ever wondered why? We are so connected yet lonely? This article will tackle this counter-intuitive feeling most of us have often been

Do you get dreams at night? Know why

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Dreams inspired Bohr’s structure of an atom, Mendeleev’s periodic table, Kekule’s structure of Benzene, Watson’s double helix model of DNA, and many other groundbreaking scientific discoveries. What if you are the next person to change the course of science just by your dreams? All of us have been experiencing vivid dreams; whether it be dreams of