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What advice would you give to a 1st year MBBS student?

All the advice which I am going to give is based on what I and my close friends have experienced in our 1 year of college life. So let’s begin:-

  • Study regularly- I know that all of you must be in cloud 9 and in an extreme state of euphoria after clearing NEET but wait a second, hold on a bit. Medical life is at least 10 times more tough than your NEET preparation phase so kindly be mindful of the syllabus and study at least 3 hours daily. Be regular with Anatomy and Biochem. Study that topic of anatomy on the same day itself which you saw during the dissection class.
  • Study on your own- In medical college, more than 75% topics are to be read and understand by yourself only. Professors only teach about 25-30% of the subject matter in the class. So you need to develop a habit of reading and understanding topics on your own. Here I am not saying that you should not take help of your friend or any senior, you must take but don’t be dependent on the professors for subject matter.

  • Be wise while choosing your friends- Don’t be in a hurry while choosing your friends. Initially maintain a neutral relation with everyone and observe them quietly. Then whoever you feel best resonates with your personality, choose him/her as your friend.

  • Don’t run after girls- For boys it’s very necessary to understand that they don’t have to run after girls madly in order to come into relationship. If anything of that sort is going to happen then it will happen on it’s own with due course in time. Just be normal.

  • Don’t spend extravagantly- In the initial days, don’t always come forward and spend extravagantly in front of your friends. Take a back seat and spend wisely. Otherwise you will be declared the so called “Ambani’s son” of your group and on every occasion you would be forced to spend. In short- Party less.

  • Never argue with your professors- In college any professor can make or break your career very easily so never ever in your life try to act cool or over smart or go against your professors. If you don’t agree with your professor then in a very polite manner you can present your thoughts as a suggestion. Even after that if the professor doesn’t agree with you then leave it and move ahead in your life.

  • Don’t trust each and every senior blindly- Seniors are your guiding hands in the college, no doubt but all seniors are not always idle. Some are big assholes also so just like choosing friends, trust only a limit group of seniors.

  • Health is wealth- Hostel mess food will never full-fill your daily requirement of nutrition. Don’t shy away from drinking milk and eating fruits on a daily basis. Induction cooktop is a must have.

  • Don’t allow your room to become a chit-chat room- Don’t make your room so available and easily accessible to your friends that they start using your room as a party room or a group discussion room. Initially you make like everyone coming into your room and spending a nice time but in long run it will harm you only. So be careful.

  • Don’t start solving MCQs and preparing of NEXT right from the 1st year- There are various online resources from where you can study.

  • Do use college library Extensively

  • Maintain a good relation with each and every one in your batch- These are the major things which one should keep in mind while coming to the college. I will add more tips if something else comes in my mind later.

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