What is NEXT Exam- National Exit Test after MBBS?

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After completing MBBS, there is always the question of what to do next. MBBS students who complete their degrees are bogged down by a host of entrance exams. The NExT is one such entrance exam to get a postgraduate seat in India. This article outlines all you need to know about NExT. 

NExT Overview

The National Medical Commission Bill 2019 laid the foundation of the National Exit Test or NEXT as a licensing medical Exam. This test is a replacement for the proficiency university exam and the NEET (postgraduate), thus acting as a customary channel to practice, replacing the NEET (postgraduate) and MCI screening test. This exam has been implemented for 2022 while the Bill was passed in 2019.

This paper will ensure that students display both theoretical and practical knowledge before getting medical licenses as practitioners. Successful candidates will get enrollment in the respective state/national medical register with unique identities. However, foreign medical graduates (FMGs), being certified medical practitioners in the country where they completed their graduation, have to spend additional 15-18 months to be qualified as registered medical practitioners in India.

Students who fail to clear NEXT will get a chance to reappear but the entire duration of the MBBS course and the clearing exam need to be within 10 years of their MBBS admission.

Candidates who can apply NEXT must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • MBBS students in their final year who want to take up postgraduation or internships in India
  • Foreign countries’ medical aspirants who desire to be medical practitioners in India 

Salient Features of the Exam

  • It is compulsory for Indian as well as foreign students, who are registered in the 2017 batch. These students will appear in the first half of NExT 2023.
  • As per the National Commission Medical Bill, this exam functions as a licensure examination, eliminating the need for the NEET-PG exam, according to the 2019 amendment.
  • This serves the purpose of a uniform MBBS exit examination for all Indian students as well as for students graduating from abroad.

Format of the Exam

This exam is conducted in two parts:

  • NExT 1: 
  • NExT-1 is a kind of entrance exam for students who aspire for NEET-PG. So, they can apply for NExT1 to secure PG seats. It is often referred to as Prof IV part 1 and score is valid for 2-3 years.
  • An online MCQ-based objective exam and its marks are taken to assign PG ranking in counseling. It helps a candidate to acquire a PG seat and secure a license after NExT 2.
  • It is conducted for MBBS students in their final year before they start their internship. This exam is crucial to start with your internship. If unsuccessful, the student Is unqualified for an internship
  • Candidates qualifying NExT 1 exam can start with their 12-month internship.

Question Weightage – NExT1

Problem Solving60%
Comprehension Analysis30%
Memory-Based Recollection 10%
Applied Science (Basic)10%
Health (Public) and Prevention Awareness10%


  •  It is an exam conducted to know the practical knowledge of students.
  • This exam is applicable for students who passed NExT 1.
  • The exam is also called Prof IV (Part 2). After qualifying, a candidate gets a license for medical practice in India
  • Moreover, the exam will be conducted at state health university levels or at standard medical education centers where previous facilities were not present.

Exam Pattern & Syllabus

·        NExT -1

  • Total MCQ Questions – 540 – 12+2.5 hours 
  • Supervised for 3 days:  Pre-Lunch (3 hours) & Post-Lunch (1.5 hours)
    • Day 1 – Medical Allied-Pre-lunch (120 MCQ); Pediatrics-Post-lunch (60 MCQ)
    • Day 2 – Surgery & Allied-Pre-lunch (120 MCQ); ENT-Post-lunch (60 MCQ)
    • Day 3 – Obstetrics & Gynecology-Pre-lunch (120 MCQ); Ophthalmology-Post-lunch (60 MCQ)

·        NExT-2

  • It is a practical exam conducted by respected universities.

NExT Exam Administration

Given below are NExT exams being organized by either a university or a national body:

  • Prof 1- University
  • Prof 2 -University
  •  Prof 3 part 1-University
  • Prof 3 part 2-University
  •  Prof 4 part1 (NExT1)-National body
  •  Prof 4 part 2 (NExT-2)-University


The NExT syllabus is entirely different from MCI screening and NEET-PG test. It covers a total of 19 subjects included in the clinical part that has more weightage than pre- and para-clinical topics.

  • Allied (Medical)
  •  Pediatrics
  •  ENT
  •  Obstetrics & Gynecology
  •  Orthopedics & Anesthesia
  • Dermatology & Psychiatry
  • Ophthalmology

NExT EXAM 2023 Details

  •  NExT1 – March
  • NExT 2 – April

NExT Exam Qualifying Marks

  •  For General -30%
  •  General-PwD-25%
  • SC/ST/OBC-20%
  • SC/ST/OBC-Pwd-20%


  • All examinations except the final MBBS theory examination will not be conducted by the examining university, although earlier practical examinations for MBBS would be conducted by the examining body.
  • For FMG graduates, the same test and the same pattern would be applicable, but certain current provisions may not be applicable.

The NMC conducting body also runs a mock test in 2022. Furthermore, you can join the DBMCI online that provides a very unique way to prepare for medical exams in a short time. It provides you with study material and mock tests.


NExT in the future will replace FMGE screening test which was organized for foreign medical graduates to obtain medical licenses for practice in India. Final NExT 2 scores determine your license in India. This test is also organized to be used instead of NEET-PG as NExT 1 scores help you secure a PG seat during the counseling.

It is mainly organized so that India gets more skillful medical practitioners and a standard of medical education is maintained in India. This exam will surely bring more transparency and high quality.


1. NExT exam will start from which batch?

Ans: As per the official website, the 2018 batch will be the first to take NExT.

2.  How many attempts are allowed to take the exam?

Ans:  There is no specific limit decided for the exam. But you have to pass the exam within 10 years from your MBBS admission. Also, NExT 1 scores are valid for three years, which means you have two chances to secure a PG seat.

3.  Does the exam pattern have negative marking?

Ans: Exams include a total 540 questions with two sorts of marking systems, either each of 4 marks, ensuring total scores of 2160, or each of 1-mark questions, ensuring a total of 540. But presently no official statement has been given for negative marking.

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